Updating jpanel

Behavior both from within the browser and stand-alone are the same.Hi, i can't figure it out how to solve this, the thing is that i have a Frame_A with a JList in it, then another frame: frame_B with a couple of text Fields, i call the frame_B from the frame_A, i fill the text Fields and the i need to click a Save button and insert the content of the textfields in the ...So adding validate() calls would have no effect -- the painting thread ...For instance: class String Array { private final String[] array; private final Property Change Support change Support; public String Array(String[] array) public int length() public String get(int index) public void set(int index, String value) ...

Instead your Model should hold an Array List of non-view, non-JPanel logical Car objects. JPanel; public class View implements Observer { private JFrame fen; private JPanel btn Panel,panel; private JButton play,speed Up,speed Down,stop; private JCombo Boximport To find out why, please check the API for Thread as well as this useful article. You're inadvertently overriding the Car JPanel's get X and get Y methods, messing up the location of these components. These methods have been deprecated as they've been found to be dangerous.All the examples I've seen so far in the Swing Tutorials, specially in the Swing examples use Image Icons.I'm generating these images as byte arrays, and they are usually larger than the common icon they use in the examples, at 640x480.

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